Public Safety

I agree with District 1 residents that everyone deserves to feel safe in their community – safe for your kids to walk to school, safe to walk in your neighborhood and parks after dark, and safe in your home. I will support your vision for a holistic approach to safety and crime reduction, an approach that includes not just handcuffs and jail cells, but also investing in crime prevention and implementing community-led restorative justice programs.

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A Healthy Community

More than ever, I am hearing from you that public health is a priority.  

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in public health in San Antonio were lacking. We have the business model backwards: we wait until people get really sick, and then give them an ambulance ride to the emergency room. It’s the most expensive form of healthcare in the world. Proactively investing in our community’s health helps people stay healthier and could save money on your county hospital district property tax bill.

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Economic Recovery and Development

Throughout my listening tour, you have informed me that your vision for an economic recovery begins with caring for our existing citizens and independently owned small and micro businesses. We need to support the people who have been with us all along. When federal CARES Act funds become available, the city should make sure that everyone benefits, and that we don’t add extra hurdles to access the funds.

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Mario Bravo, a multi-generation Texan, has established himself as a leader in the environmental policy community. A product of public school education, he decided early on to devote his life to civic engagement. Coming from a family of construction laborers, educators and military service members, Mario learned early on the importance of hard work. From an early age he helped his family and learned how to operate a jackhammer, dig ditches, and tend a garden, while also excelling in school. It was from this upbringing that his commitment to his community and service was cultivated.

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– Armando Gutierrez Bravo, Treasurer