Public Safety

I support a balanced approach that puts more police where they are needed but ensures that fired police officers stay fired.

I trust Chief McManus when he tells me that the new evidence-based, data driven “hot spot” policy will help reduce violent crime, and I will continue to support SAPD’s efforts in implementing this initiative.

I also support a holistic approach to public safety, including offering incentives to local businesses that hire formerly incarcerated individuals and creating restorative justice programs that guide young people who commit crimes back onto the right path.

Over the last year, my council office has held six public safety and quality of life town hall meetings to connect you with your police, code enforcement, parking enforcement, and animal care services officers, as well as homeless outreach professionals. We hosted these forums to bring you face-to-face with those who serve you so that we could all hear your concerns, answer your questions, and learn from you how we can better serve you.  

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– Armando Gutierrez Bravo, Treasurer