Economic Recovery and Development

Throughout my listening tour, you have informed me that your vision for an economic recovery begins with caring for our existing citizens and independently owned small and micro businesses. We need to support the people who have been with us all along. When federal CARES Act funds become available, the city should make sure that everyone benefits, and that we don’t add extra hurdles to access the funds.

We need to recover equitably, ensuring that the unemployed and underemployed in our city are our number one focus. 

Once we have stabilized, we can build a more resilient city by strategically investing in jobs that will help diversify our economy and make San Antonio competitive – not just with other Texas cities, but in the new global economy. 

San Antonio voters recently approved funding for a workforce development plan. We need to get it right, and that means working with both nonprofits that have access to people who need job skills and business leaders to make sure that we are training for jobs that meet local needs. If we are ambitious, we can reach a tipping point – creating a buzz where business leaders outside of San Antonio notice, driving investment in San Antonio and increasing wages.

Finally, I will work with you to ensure that City Hall prioritizes hiring local first rather than sending our taxpayer dollars to out of town businesses.

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– Armando Gutierrez Bravo, Treasurer